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When you order from Sumittra, we want you to know that you are experiencing decades of our family’s’ Thai Fusion Culinary Tradition & Experience.


We invite you to visit us in Downtown Frederick
for a Date or Family Dinner!

Sumittra Thai Cuisine
12 E Patrick St.
Frederick, Maryland 21701

(301) 668 2301-2

Monday - Thursday
11AM–2:30PM, 4:30–9:00PM
Friday: 11AM–2:30PM, 4:30–10:00PM
Saturday: 12:00–10:00PM
Sunday & Holidays: 12:00–9:00PM
**Hours of service may differ**

Paijit, (the owner’s mother), began developing her Thai Traditional cooking style when she was just a little girl. Her parents taught her everything they knew, this was tradition. She was taught Traditional Family Home-Style cooking. When she reached the college age, she was assigned to cook for the entire family, which meant uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers, sisters, grand parents & her own parents. This was a big responsibility. In 1988, she moved to the United States and started the first cooking career as a prep cook at a popular restaurant in Bethesda. She continued her career at that restaurant for many years and her last position as the Executive Chef. Following in her footsteps is the owner of Sumittra, Paijit Phakam-Jittisak.

Sumittra means the beloved friend in Thai.  Most of the inspiration comes from the passion and love to cook and eat for family and friends. Sumittra also happens to be the name of Jib’s wife. When you eat here with us, it is like sitting with us to eat as family.

We are here in Downtown Frederick and are proud to be here since 2011. Let us create and serve you a Fusion Thai Food that is made with all fresh and fine ingredients. We promise to bring you cultural experience by sharing the dining Traditions of our family & friends to you. 

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